pyralsmaug asked: So far you've only got photos of the groundpounders in blue...will there be any more colors coming after Fest?

We also have black and brown listed on our eBay store! Plus the two shades of blue, and possibly other colors (that haven’t been made yet so who knows what colors! It’s an adventure!)

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#this post just made strongholdleather my favorite cvompany

We try c:

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hey radscum get off our blog

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Since we’re working so hard on getting things ready for Fest, the next few weeks are gonna be a blast from the past! Most of the photos going into the queue as you read this are old designs that we no longer have in stock, but we might be open to re-creating some of them by request after Fest is over.

Anyways, enjoy some of the Stronghold crew’s favorites from seasons past!

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Behind the scenes at Stronghold!

This is a sneak peak at what will be the Golden Dragon armor version 2.0! So far it’s only been tooled but it’s already gorgeous. If you make it out to Fest this season, keep an eye out for the finished product!

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We’re posting the second weekly giveaway tonight as part of our countdown to Fest!

Head on over and like our Facebook page to be eligible to enter.

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thesilentartist2225 asked: I love the clawed gloves you have! Is it possible to create a small feather pattern along the gloves and have matte claws to resemble a raven though? As a costume piece, it would look fantastic. Though to take it into cons and events, the claws would probably have to be blunter than usual... Some black bracers with an alligator pattern on it would look like the legs of a raven too :)

it would be possible to tool feathers, or ever attach feather shaped pieces of leather to the back of gloves, but it would get pretty pricey.

Although now that you mention it, that is something I want

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They’re just as cool as our normal clawpaws but less expensive! Get more cool for your buck!
I’m a bad salesman
Just go buy them!
Sometimes I wonder what became of the last mustang leather glove. We gave it these beautiful claws, and auctioned it off.
Does it’s new owner gaze lovingly at it? Put it on just because it’s pretty? Terrify small children?
So this was our first foray into the world of BDSM gear. They’re constructed like our clawed gloved, but have some reinforcement over the back of the hands. The gloves are super sturdy, and can support the weight of an adult man hanging from them.
Also they’d make for a really cool puppet/ puppeteer costume.

Color not your thing? Cool. We have monochrome claws too

  • Void black
  • Bone white
  • Ghostly glow (in the dark)
  • The only pastel I need is grey

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Pretty in Pink! (shhh I really like 80’s movies) So you can be adorable while you disembowel your enemies.

These were a custom order, and that shade of pink was hand-mixed and painted.

Reposting this because I found out that the pink is, in fact, not hand mixed. I was thinking of another pair of pink gloves Eric made before I started working at Stronghold oops

It’s everyone’s lucky day!

I just made a pair of these for someone who requested them a few months back. If they decide they no longer want them, these gloves will be up for grabs! If they decide they do still want them, I’m open to making a limited number of these by request only.

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I dunno what popular blog found the black claws but uhh


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the-wardens-vermin asked: Hello! Will you ever make the black clawed gloves again? :3c I love them!

We actually have them in stock and are always making more!

You can find them for sale here

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