nightskyguardian asked: Just out of curiosity do you attend the renaissance festival in Michigan?

We do not currently, but may in the future!

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Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of updates (again) but we’re so busy with Fest we barely have time to make more product.

But! I will grab my ~fancy camera~ and bring it to Fest next weekend and spam everyone with silly pictures of everyone and cute patrons is awesome leather armor. Also I’m putting a couple things in the queue tonight.

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Mad props to the girl out at Fest who came back and showed us how she altered a wristband she bought from us!

Apparently they make rad charm bracelets. Who knew?

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Pretty in Pink! (shhh I really like 80’s movies) So you can be adorable while you disembowel your enemies.

These were a custom order, and that shade of pink was hand-mixed and painted.

Dear sweet baby Jesus. How much would some of these bad boys cost?

We’re open to re-making these. The last set I made went for $140, but to get them you would have to contact us directly.

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digitalillumination asked: I got one of your wrist cuffs and a bunch of my friends thought I had managed to find a really cool wrist brace (since I have tendonitis). Would you guys ever do something like that? Now that it's been suggested, I wish I really did have a badass leather wrist brace.

I don’t know that we could do that, since it’d take a bit of medical knowledge to get it right and create something that doesn’t cause more harm than good.

It would be really cool though! I have carpal tunnel and I would totally wear a leather brace if they existed.

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Last chance to go enter our giveaway

I’ll be picking a winner tonight so you better hurry

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Just a reminder/ heads up to new followers:

Our giveaway on Facebook is still live! You have until Friday morning to enter to win a sweet leather wrapped coin flask. All you have to do is like our Facebook page, and like and comment on the giveaway post.

It’s so easy I can’t believe you haven’t already done it. It’s free stuff! And we’ll even ship it to you.

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Simple chestpiece from pre-dyed leather!

This baby found a loving home in a season past.

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thebigbadwerewolf reblogged your photoset and added:

wHT THe ACTual FUCK YA’LL who did it- which one of…

We all blame Eric

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I present to you: the Reavers. Probably the most ridiculous gauntlets we’ve made.

I’m not kidding these even top the ones made from basketball leather

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wrip73 asked: New follower and must say the bolg and leather work is brill

You’re brill


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Green crocodile chestpiece. Are you green with envy yet?

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It’s giveaway time on our Facebook page!

Head over and enter! We’re giving away one of our wrapped coin flasks and will ship it to the winner so you don’t even have to be local


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Have some cool detail pictures of the ultimate in steampunk: the gear gauntlets! But really, all the gear patterns would be functional.

All gears were hand-tooled and painted, and the gloves feature brass claws.

We’re sadly no longer in possession of these gloves, but we think back on them fondly from time to time.

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Sick of being harassed on the street?
Need more cute options for threatening assholes who think “no” means “try harder?”
The mini claws in pink are the answer. Maintain your femininity as you disembowel catcallers while whispering in their ear I’m not your baby

stronghold leather is great and i want all of their products ever


I’m just gonna apologize here due to the fact that i know barely anything about Homestuck, and i probably just butchered a perfectly good character,

I also know nothing about Homestuck but! Art of our claws!