I figured we should post something cute and pink since it’s Easter.
These sure are both but maybe not quite in the spirit of the season? At least Easter dinner will be fresh.
These gloves were a custom order from long ago, and were colored with hand-mixed paint so they can’t be re-created. At least you can still bask in their majestic beauty or whatever

Blue sparkly glass claws, totally hand made by a fellow local artisan. Buy them for crafting or buy them along with a pair of clawpaws and we’ll install them for you!

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For anyone interested in process shots:

  • Tooling the design onto the leather
  • Black dye, hand painted on
  • Colored dye applied and finishing the leather


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Get a pair!
Or get all of them and be the coolest kid on the block
Guess what we have more of? These are for real the last of them though
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Another old custom order from before my time at the shop. These are hand painted pink clawpaws with glow in the dark claws.


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We’re selling scraps of the pretty stuff too! Need some fancy accents for your steampunk goggles? Want to make yourself a pretty choker? Want to just stare in awe at how many colors of dye were used on one piece of floral leather? Now you can!
All leather in these lots are pre-embossed and hand dyed. Some are completely finished and sealed, others are only dyed.
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Go go go

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Pretty in Pink! (shhh I really like 80’s movies) So you can be adorable while you disembowel your enemies.

These were a custom order, and that shade of pink was hand-mixed and painted.

Reposting this because I found out that the pink is, in fact, not hand mixed. I was thinking of another pair of pink gloves Eric made before I started working at Stronghold oops

It’s everyone’s lucky day!

I just made a pair of these for someone who requested them a few months back. If they decide they no longer want them, these gloves will be up for grabs! If they decide they do still want them, I’m open to making a limited number of these by request only.

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An old custom pair of flame gauntlets, all hand painted. Usually we make a ton of extra pieces just in case with orders like this, since the white has a tendency to get smudged.


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We have several lots of plain, undied veg tan scraps for sale! They’re various weights and sizes, but perfect for small projects and tooling practice.
Half the lots have already sold, so I’m posting this a bit sooner so y’all have a chance at them too!
Pick some out!


I got my Claws and they glow in the dark!!! ^.^

I can’t believe I only just saw this!
They look great on you and I’m glad you like them! :D

Ahahahaaa oops wrong blog
Still, they’re lovely

Marbled black and white glass claws. You are already a work of art, so buy some more pieces of art to put on yourself. 

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These were a nightmare, but oh maaan was it worth the trouble!

These custom gauntlets with chainmaille inserts were made for one of our best customers. Many headaches and a new employee later, we finally got the chainmaille wrangled and attached and they are GORGEOUS. The pictures don’t even do them justice.


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Glass claws!

They’re so sparkly

Get the red ones here

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