I’ve seen a lot of people kinda confused about where the claws would sit while wearing the clawpaws, so I made an informative photo set!

The first picture is just how the glove looks (obviously) without a hand in it.

In the second, fourth, and fifth pictures you can see how the bits with the claws sit on top of the fingers. This means the claws are pretty out of the way and you retain full use of your hands.

The third picture shows how the glove fits and how it should sit on your palm. All the finger strips should sit at the base of your fingers like rings, and the wrist strap should cover just a little of your palm. You should make sure the wrist strap isn’t fastened too tightly or you lose some mobility in your wrist.

Plain black clawpaws available here

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For those of you not interested in plastic claws, we also have glass ones available!
Pictures above are four color options; sparkly blue, sparkly green, red, and smoked clear.
You can find them in our eBay store here
Eric and the totally sweet gladiator piece
Okay so it’s not really gladiator style but that’s what we all dubbed it so



Unleash your inner werewolf

Or your outer werewolf

Or your outer therewolf

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And this, kids, is what we mean by “war cry”
Notice the distinct lack of constipation


Color options for our clawed gloves:

  • The blood of our enemies red
  • Oranges freshly shredded by claws
  • Neon furry yellow
  • Swamp witch green
  • Sea monster aqua
  • Captain America blue (for bonus patriotism request with red and white claws. Shred bad guys in the name of FREEDOM)
  • The color of royalty
  • Super kawaii girl gang pink
  • Brown

Just gonna uhh…leave these here. Again.

You know, since Halloween Month has officially started!

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Hello lovely followers!

Just letting y’all know that our eBay is live again! Sorry we have to set it to vacation during Fest, but we’re back! And just in time for Halloween, too.

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Anonymous asked: I saw your work this past weekend at the Renaissance Festival, I really enjoyed it as a budding leather worker myself. I have a small Etsy shop that has some of my work, well a very small subsection of it at least. The shop name is ChainsAndLeather, most of the work is collars right now however I need to craft a set of bracers for a friends Halloween costume. Your work was really inspirational, the armor was top notch and the clawed gloves are just amazing! I'm definitely a new fan! -Paul

Aww thanks! It’s great to hear that we inspire people. I’ll be sure to pass along the compliment!

Also, you should submit a photo when the bracers are done! We love seeing what budding leatherworkers come up with :)

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Boss man and his lady, both sporting some of the Dark Cloud pieces we have available in our booth this season!
The blue lady armor sold right away, but we still have two sets left!
Booth shenanigans
Someone killed Eric again (and no one ever walks over his chalk outline)

i’m also working on getting photos from fest edited and then you can see all our wacky hijinks in action

Also people in pretty armor

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Clawed gloves in mustang brown leather. Unfortunately we’ve sold out of these, and are unable to get more of this particular leather since it’s been discontinued.

We have other similar gloves for sale here

So I’m sure many of you remember these and are very sad that we can’t make any more of them (like, ever).





We’re not 100% sure what we’re going to do with them quite yet, but I think we might end up auctioning them off, so stay tuned~!

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dragondollrawr reblogged your photoset and added:

I have these!!! They’re great!!! Mine are scaled…

You should send us a picture!

We love seeing people in their fancy leather

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nightskyguardian asked: Just out of curiosity do you attend the renaissance festival in Michigan?

We do not currently, but may in the future!

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Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of updates (again) but we’re so busy with Fest we barely have time to make more product.

But! I will grab my ~fancy camera~ and bring it to Fest next weekend and spam everyone with silly pictures of everyone and cute patrons is awesome leather armor. Also I’m putting a couple things in the queue tonight.

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